Afternoon New Music playlist for 07/11/2012

David Beal
Artist Title Album Label Link
Lol Coxhill (all) Lol Coxhill Solo Shock
Lol Coxhill/Steve Lacy/Evan Parker Three Blokes Three Blokes FMP
Lol Coxhill and Fred Frith Reims French Gigs A.A.A.
Lol Coxhill/Torsten Müller/Paul Rutherford All Three Milwaukee 2002 Emanem
Lol Coxhill/Raymond Boni/Maurice Horsthuis Chantenay 80 (Part 1) Chantenay 80 Nato
Lol Coxhill The Wayward Balladeer The Saxophone Phenomenon Slam
The Unlaunched Orchestra The Unlaunched Orchestra Out to Launch Emanem
Lol Coxhill/Morgan-Fisher Que En Paz Descanse Slow Music Pipe
Lol Coxhill Vermilion Sands; Aquaslide; Experiments With Temperature; Happy Birthday Bob Cobbing Spectral Soprano Emanem
Lol Coxhill Collective Improvisation; I Am The Walrus; The Rhythmic Hooter; Loverman; Zoological Fun; Little Triple One Shot; Dat's Why Darkies Were Born; A Series of Superbly Played Mellotron Codas Ear Of Beholder Ampex

A memorial broadcast for saxophonist Lol Coxhill