Afternoon New Music playlist for 06/22/2011

Ethan Perets
Artist Title Album Label Link
Phill Niblock (Petr Kotik featured on alto flute) P K Four Full Flutes Experimental Intermedia Foundation
Phill Niblock (featuring Ulrich Kreieger on didjeridu) Didjeridoos A Young Person's Guide to Phill Niblock Blast First/Disobey
WKCR Staff Field Recordings from Broadway to Canal Street
Phill Niblock WKCR Interview with Phill Niblock (06/14/11)
Phill Niblock Stosspeng (4-5) Touch Strings Touch Music
Phill Niblock One Large Rose Touch Strings Touch Music

A profile of drone-master Phill Niblock, featuring an interview with the artist, as part of the week-long focus on the upcoming Ende Tymes festival taking place this weekend at Silent Barn and the Outpost. For more information about the festival check out