Afternoon New Music playlist for 06/21/2011

Narine Atamian
Artist Title Album Label Link
Isa Christ Ruin Song Human Error Idiotunderground, Ghetto Naturalist Series
Isa Christ Live In-Studio Set WKCR Afternoon New Music
Fossils Untitled Split LP w/ XV Parowek Middle James Co.
Jim Slay Track #1 Live At The Hague Inyrdisk
Pusdrainer A Side Ocular Mutilation Dead Pope
Andrew Coltrane Untitled Dirty Pussy Hermitage Tapes
Kyle Clyde Spite Spite Trepanner
Telecult Powers Untitled Zion Traveller Baked Records
Human Hands Camelot Fatal Horizon Real Life Predator
Aghori Are You Gonna Come And Kill Me? Split C-30 w/ Isa Christ Existential Cloth
Balder- Untitled Pockets None
Husere Grav A Doorway Haunted Tomb None
Zerfallt 8428 2533 The Candles That Bled Gryd Complex
Dog Lady Your Arms Are Psychedelic Echoes The Garden Of Agony NNA
Teaadora Untitled Untitled CD-R None
Xanthocephalus Woth s/t Skell Records
Noise Nomads Mucous Membrane Nose Picker RRR
Tarpit Untitled Untitled None
American Thighs Untitled Untitled Unreleased
Cruudeuces Gull Slang Human Error Idiotunderground, Ghetto Naturalist Series
Belltone Suicide Human Larvae Cartilage Evaporator Feeding Tube Records
Terrors Hit and Miss Iowa City Ceasless Fall Bathetic
Relay For Death Birth Of An Older Much More Ugly Christ Birth Of An Older Much More Ugly Christ Hanson
Cave Bears Live Recording Live At The Whisky Roir

ISA CHRIST in-studio set + interview + guest DJ set.

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