Afternoon New Music playlist for 06/12/2012

Thuto Durkac Somo
Artist Title Album Label Link
Donald Erb Quintet; Sonata for Clarinet and Percussion The Devil's Quickstep
James Freeman Jay Reise - Chesapeake Rhythms Orchestra 2001
Nam June Paik Duett Paik/Takis Works 1958.1979
Mark Feldman & Sylvie Courvoisier Dunes; Purveyors; Bassorah Oblivia
Michael Moore Five Bits; Gulls; Focus Monitor
Donald Erb Woody; Symphony for Winds Drawing Down the Moon
James Fei Work for crippled reeds Alto Quartets
David Rosenboom Section VIII (unification); Section IX (links) How Much Better if Plymouth Rock Had Landed On the Pilgrims