Afternoon New Music playlist for 06/07/2011

Zoë Harris
Artist Title Album Label Link
Pierre Henry Variations Pour Une Porte Et Un Soupir (excerpt) Les Jerks Electroniques de la Messe Pour Le Temps Present et Musiques Concretes de Pierre Henry pour Maurice Bejart Philips
Pierre Schaeffer Quatre etudes de bruits; Masquerage; Les paroles degelees; Etude aux allures; Etude aux sons animes L'Oeuvre Musicale EMF
AMM Generative Theme II Generative Themes Matchless Recordings
Keith Rowe/Sachiko M Circle Contact Erstwhile
Keith Rowe, Toshimaru Nakamura, Thomas Lehn, Marcus Schmickler (excerpt from May 8, 2004 — AMPLIFY festival performance) Keith Rowe/Toshimaru Nakamura/Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler ErstLive 002
Filament Filament 2-1 Filament 2 For4Ears
Christian Marclay/Otomo Yoshihide Sliced and Diced; Derailment; Deep Down Under Moving Parts Asphodel
poire_z mother_mount gmueller_voicecrack_erikm [] For4Ears
Kapotte Muziek ("featuring/with Merzbow") All Set To Go Verder Abyss
Kapotte Muziek ("featuring/with the Haters") An Example of Digging For Sound Verder Abyss

a somewhat disjointed group of practices involving electroacoustic techniques — focus on musique concrete, EAI, and turntablism/recycling