Afternoon New Music playlist for 05/24/2011

Narine Atamian
Artist Title Album Label Link
RYKE (R.H.Y. Yau and Kazumoto Endo) Untitled Tracks #1-7 Resuscitation Blossoming Noise
John Wiese and C. Spencer Yeh Gold Star; Jungle Jim; Living On The Air; Mr. Northside Cincinnati DroneDisco
Ascites Fluid Thrill Fluid Excess Fonofobi Tapes
PHROQ Frequency Ronin; The Last Blade Snowfall Is Next Door Gameboy
Pain Jerk Vividsector Trashware Pure
Masonna I'm Free; We Love You; Good Times Bad Times; Time Is On My Side Open Your C*nt Beast 666 Tapes
Rodger Stella Silence No State No Sound American Tapes
Hive Mind Silence No State No Sound American Tapes
Emaciator Butterflies Infinite Body / Emaciator split Monorail Trespassing
Wolf Eyes Droll / Cut The Dog; Cellar; Broken Order; Always Wrong Always Wrong Hospital Productions
Craniopagus Black & Gay Fantasy Total Gape Negation Is Freedom
Ichorous Breathing Under Earth Total Gape Negation Is Freedom
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer Side A No Escape Static Caravan

Continuation of last week's Tuesday ANM in which we took a listen to some of the leaders in harsh noise.