Afternoon New Music playlist for 05/17/2011

Narine Atamian
Artist Title Album Label Link
Black Leather Jesus Primer; Slave Auction (2200 Hours) Skuff Trash Ritual
Kites Riding The Glass Geyser Rare Youth [Disc 1] Rare Youth
Lazy Magnet Voyage Of The Universal Harmony Rainbow Rare Youth [Disc 2] Rare Youth
Teeny Bopper Want A Cookie?; Want Some Candy?; Want A Brownie?; Wanna Be A Star!?! Perverts Accretion Disk
Hive Mind & John Wiese ...Trick Satanism ...Trick Satanism Chondritic Sound
LHD Asthma Asthma Helicopter
Prurient Loose Cannon; Shining Path; Vacuum Cleaner Mater Dolorosa Hospital Productions
HUMANBEAST Too Late To Die Young; Others; Lover's Quarrel Queer Marriage Gross Domestic Product
Sewer Election Hell Is Here Rising Tides Of War Sewer Records
Masonna Untitled (Track #21) Ejaculation Generater Alchemy Records
Oscillating Innards DMT Labor / Atmospherics; Bottled Tokenism / Wheelchair Kid Noisomeness Atmospherics Huff Raid Robots
Oscillating Innards Golf Humor; Fisherman's Mescalin; Paxil Eater Kakorraphiapathic Huff Raid Robot
Nkondi Localschizophrenic Themagneticdogsisters Dollfullofrivets
Sewer Goddess Purity Dirt Behind The Daydream No Life
Kazumoto Endo Fear My Kung Fu! Goat / Kazumoto Endo split Philosophy Shop
Goat The Summer I Started Collecting Knives Goat / Kazumoto Endo split Philosophy Shop
Clew Of Theseus No Room Left In Heaven, Part II Sewer Election / Clew Of Theseus split Sewer Records, Cathartic Process
Macronympha Semite (Arab and Jew) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Trash Ritual
Lasse Marhaug Napoleon Bring Me The Head Of Lasse Marhaug Peer Pressure Zombie
Zbigniew Karkowski, Torturing Nurse, and Dickson Dee Untitled (Track #2); Untitled (Track #7); Untitled (Track #5) Penetration PACrec, Troniks

"So, like, what is harsh noise?"