Afternoon New Music playlist for 05/14/2014

Xinyu Guan
Artist Title Album Label Link
Margaret Leng Tan John Cage: Primitive (1942), In the Name of the Holocaust (1942); Ge Gan-Ru: Gu Yue (Ancient Music) (1986) Sonic Encounters mode 15
Hans Burgener, Richard Teitelbaum, Günter Müller Entire Album Shift For4Ears CD 928
Fast Foward Pomp and Circumstance; Craftmatic; Rollerball; The Dream State (solo version) Panhandling Lovely Music LCD 2091
Naofumi Ishimaru LP YXIMALLOO Sakura Wrechords
Eugine Chadbourne Butl Ives Medley; Wild Horses; W Va Spec (Zorn Tribute); Nobody Loves Me But My Mother; No Reason To Quit; In A Sentimental Mood (Pt. 2) LSDC&W: The History of the Chadbournes in America Fundamental Music