Afternoon New Music playlist for 05/10/2011

Eric "The Wind" I...
Artist Title Album Label Link
Billy Bang Improvisation on Sweet Space; Loweski; Part of a Distinction; Without a Difference; Theme for Masters; Sometime Later; Skip to my Lou Distinction Without a Difference hat Hut
Peter Brotzmann, Han Bennink No 4; No 5; No 6 Still Quite Popular After All Those Years Eremite
Gerry Hemingway Black Wind; The Heming Way; The Dawntreader; D.R. for Solo Percussion Solo Works Auricle
Gerry Hemingway Four Studies for Single Instruments; Trance Tracks Tubworks Sound Aspects
John Cage, Sun Ra Excerpts from the Historic Concert John Cage Meets Sun Ra Meltdown
Milton Babbit Phonemena for Soprano & Piano; Phonemena for Soprano & Tape Lynn Webber, soprano; Jerry Kuderna, piano New World
Milton Babbit Philomel Bethany Beardslee, soprano New World
Vladimir Ussachevsky A Piece for Tape Recorder Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center