Afternoon New Music playlist for 04/24/2012

Daro "Scoops" Beh...
Artist Title Album Label Link
Mike Reed's Loose Assembly Ground Swell; The Speed of Change The Speed of Change 482 Music
Mike Reed's People, Places & Things First Reading: Paul's Letter to the Ephesians; Under the Influence of Lunar Objects About Us 482 Music
Isotope 217 Input Who Stole the I Walkman? Thrill Jockey
Isotope 217 LUH; Solaris Utonian Automatic Thrill Jockey
Jeff Parker Cubes; Holiday for a Despot Like-Coping Delmark
Mike Reed w/Jeff Parker; w/Nicole Mitchell In the Context Of 482 Music
Samana Kujichagulia; They Are Here
Isotope 217 Real MC's; Audio Champion; New Beyond Utonian Automatic Thrill Jockey
Jeff Parker Omega Sci-Fi Like-Coping Delmark

Highlighting members of the Chicago chapter of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), including interviews with Mike Reed, Jeff Parker, and CoCo Elysses