Afternoon New Music playlist for 04/23/2014

Xinyu Guan
Artist Title Album Label Link
Andres Bosshard, Hans Anliker, Conrad Bauer, Johannes Bauer, David Gattiker, Butch Morris, Daniel Mouthon, Günter Müller, Doro Schürch, Phil Wachsmann and Jacques Widmer condensation; telemusic; conducting; the bridge Klangbrücke Bern For 4 Ears CD 305
Halim El-Dabh Wire Recorder Piece; Venice; Leyla Visitations; Pirouette; Element, Being, and Primeval Crossing into the Electric Magnetic Without Fear

Klangbrücke Bern - a sonic architecture is a collaborative project perfomed at a railway bridge and a nearby exhibition hall in Bern in June 1990. "Klangbrücke" means "sound bridge," and reflected the sonic architectural concept of the project, in which microphones were attached to the arch of the railway bridge, and in which the sound from these microphones were braodcast into the exhibition hall where the musicians play. The music from the exhibition hall is then broadcast back the the bridge. Halfway through the concert the musicians leave the exhitibion hall one by one to go onto the bridge and answer back with their music. (Taken from liner notes.) Next we have excerpts from the early works of Egyptian-American composer Halim El-Dabh, who was one of the pioneers of electronic tape music. He made The Expression of Zaar (1944), the earliest example of such music, was made with a wire recording of a Zaar ceremony that was then distorted. "Wire Recorder Piece" from the album Crossing into the Electric Magnetic is a two-minute excerpt of a live presentation of Expression at a Cairo art museum (I haven't been able to find longer excerpts of Expression). "Leyla Visitations" is an electronic opera composed in 1959 during his time at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, based off the Arabic tale of Layla and Majnun. The entire album is a collection of El-Dabh's early work, restored and remastered by Mike Hovancsek.