Afternoon New Music playlist for 03/26/2013

Gabriel Ibagon
Artist Title Album Label Link
Pelt Of Jack's Darbari; Ashes of a Photograph; From the Lakebed; The Doctor's Nightcap Effigy MEI Music
Henry Flynt You Are My Everlovin' You Are My Everlovin'/Celestial Power Edition Hundertmark
Aaron Dilloway Look Over Your Shoulder; Eight Cut Scars (For Robert Turman) Modern Jester Hanson
Autechre VI Scose Poise Confield Warp Records
Aphex Twin gwarek2 DrukQs Warp Records
Oneohtrix Point Never Preyouandi; Stress Waves; Pelham Island Road; Ouroboros Returnal Editions Mego
Motion Sickness of Time Travel The Dream Motion Sickness of Time Travel Spectrum Spools

The show initially focused on compositions influenced by drone and repetion -- from the noise-folk of Pelt to the abrasive tape loops of Aaron Dilloway. The latter half of the show featured ambient work from Oneohtrix Point Never and Motion Sickness of Time Travel.