Afternoon New Music playlist for 03/21/2012

Narine Atamian
Artist Title Album Label Link
Attestupa Orostid; Greppet Hardnar Utmarken Utmarken
Maria Zerfall So Always Carry Your Gasmask Kopfkrieg 1985-1995 disc 1 Membrum Debile Propaganda
Greg Kelley Anxious Drift Self-Hate Index Semata
Maurizio Bianchi The Promised Seed Das Platinzeitalter Incunabulum
Bob Bellerue Le Big Bang Sadhana Peyote Tapes
Dislocation 01; 02; 03 Coyote's Call Fusetron
Cloaked Light Clear Of Cloaked Light / Pale Blue Sky Untitled split LP Arbor
Harrius Live In-Studio Set WKCR Afternoon New Music
Dan Conrad Live In-Studio Set WKCR Afternoon New Music
Dan Conrad, Stewart Mostofsky Live In-Studio Interview WKCR Afternoon New Music
Harrius Live In-Studio Set WKCR Afternoon New Music
Jenny Graf Sheppard, Chiara Giovando, Stewart Mostofsky, Dan Conrad Live In-Studio Interview WKCR Afternoon New Music

This afternoon, we had Harrius, Dan Conrad, and Stewart Mostofsky in studio for the second half of the program. Harrius is Jenny Graf Sheppard and Chiara Giovando. They played two short sets and spoke about their work as Harrius, specifically about the challenges of playing together and collaborating now that they are a bicoastal duo. We also spoke about multimedia versus more traditional "musical" performances, the former of which took place in a 2 set show at the Stone 3/22 and the latter of which occurred in the later set at the Stone on 3/23. Dan Conrad played a short set on vina bambina. Vina bambina is an instrument Conrad invented -- if you missed the set, check out a link to an image and recording of the instrument, really a one-of-a-kind creation. Stewart Mostofsky also stopped in to talk about Dan's set and the three Harrius sets coming up at the Stone. He also discussed Ehse Records, how the curation fest at the Stone came about, and Baltimore's art scene. A link to Dan Conrad's musical inventions, including an image and a recording of his vina bambina - For more on Ehse Records and its incredible releases (including the donate-as-much-as-you-like for digital downloads policy), see the site - To learn more about Harrius, check out Chiara's website and Jenny's website - and