Afternoon New Music playlist for 03/11/2014

Tommy James
Artist Title Album Label Link
Carl Stone Darul Kabap Nak Won Sonore
Carl Stone Dong Il Jang unreleased
Carl Stone Al-Noor Al-Noor In Tone
Carl Stone Dino's (iTunes bonus track) Al-Noor In Tone
Carl Stone Acid Bop unreleased
Carl Stone / Alfred Harth track 1 Gift Fig Kendra Steiner Editions
Carl Stone Acid Bop 2 unreleased
Carl Stone Wall Me Do Four Pieces
Sarah Cahill Sonamu (Carl Stone) A Sweeter Music Other Minds
Carl Stone / Tetsu Inoue Tracks 1, 2, 5 Pict.Soul
Satanicpornocultshop Get Yr Freak On Featuring Carl Stone Orochi Under the Straight Edge Leaves Vivo
Carl Stone unreleased new music from the Acid Folk series
Carl Stone tracks from Fujiken (unreleased)
Carl Stone Woo Lae Oak Woo Lae Oak Unseen Worlds

Carl Stone guests.