Afternoon New Music playlist for 02/29/2012

Ian Marsanyi
Artist Title Album Label Link
Doctor Nerve Out To Bomb Fresh Kings; Mister Stiff Fries a Dozen; Spy Boy Did Sprinting Die Cuneiform Records
Doctor Nerve Preaching to the Converted; Plague Skin Cuneiform Records
Häßliche Luftmasken Unreleased Live and Rehearsal Material
Christian Marclay Record Without a Cover Recycled Records
Gino Robair A Fascinating Instability; Fricatives in Bovine Portraiture; Venables on the In and Out of Course; Free Use of the Halving Principle Singular Pleasures Rastascan Records
Iannis Xenakis Mélanges; Métaux Pléïades Harmonia Mundi
Harry Partch Three Undergrads Become Transfigured in a Hong Kong Music Hall; Exercises in Harmony and Counterpoint are Tried in a Court of Ancient Ritual; A Should Tormented by Contemporary Music Finds a Humanizing Alchemy The Bewitched Composers Recordings
Harry Partch Visions Fill the Eyes of a Defeated Basketball Team in the Shower Room; The Cognoscenti are Plunged into a Demonic Descent While at Cocktails The Bewitched Composers Recordings
David Tudor Rainforest Version 1 Rainforest Mode

Today we talk with NYC guitarist Nick Didkovsky. See his band Häßliche Luftmasken at 10 pm tonight at The Stone!

Häßliche Luftmasken recordings: