Afternoon New Music playlist for 02/21/2012

Cat Slowik
Artist Title Album Label Link
Burning Star Core "inside the shadow (w. metals)", "now united", "inside the shadow" Inside the Shadow Hospital CD HOS-212
Nam June Paik "Hommage a John Cage", "Etude for Pianoforte" Works 1958.1979 Sub Rosa SR178
Panasonic "Uranokemia", "Telako", "Murto" Osasto EP Blast First/Mute Records
Consumer Electronics/Merzbow "Horn of the Goat", "Dirty Jessie","Korean Comfort" Horn of the GOat CD Freek Records CDFRR013
Furt "curtains" sense psi 09.08
Pauline Oliveros and Miya Masaoka "Daybreak","Forenoon" Koto Accordian Deep Listening Institute 36-2007