Afternoon New Music playlist for 02/09/2016

In-studio interview w/ William Hooker - tracks played (all from Light) included:
Anchoring, Inclusion 3 & 6 / Right
3 & 6 / Right
Passages (anthill)
Continuity of Unfoldment
Extraordinary Popular Delusions
You Never Know What's in the Next Room
The Slow Poisoners
There She Goes with Her Eye Out
South Sea Bubble
Haunted Houses
Does Your Mother Know You're Out?
Hindsight is Always 20/20

Today's Afternoon New Music began with a 2-hour in-studio interview with drummer William Hooker, regarding his new box set Light, chronicling the early years of his musical career from 1975-1989, and his residency at The Stone lasting from 2/9-2/14. A number of tracks from Light were played throughout the interview, all listed here.