WKCR during COVID-19

Dear Listeners,

The WKCR staff structure in its entirety, from the Executive Board to its programmers and interns, has been majorly displaced due to COVID-19 and the measures Columbia University has put in place to limit contagion.

The handful of remaining E-Board members, programmers, and engineers have been working to put in place a remote operating system to limit the risk of COVID-19 spread while continuing to keep WKCR programming on the air. Unfortunately our status as the 'home of analog' has made this a little more difficult than it had to be, but nonetheless we are building a digital archive of WKCR programming and are doing our best to attain to the programming schedule. Some intermittent issues are unavoidable in this new effort, and we ask you to please have patience.

Many thanks to the programmers that are continuing to pre-produce new programming, to those who are supplying us with archived shows, and those who are continuing to come in to program in person. And thanks to you, our audience, for bearing with us.

Son of Man