Afternoon New Music playlist for 12/14/2009

Dan Malinsky
Artist Title Album Label Link
Ussachevsky, Vladimir Piece for tape recorder (1956) Early Modulations: Vintage Volts [comp.] Ciapirinha
Gelmetti, Vittorio Treni d’onda a modulazione d’intensita (1963) ditto
Ferrari, Luc Tete et queue du dragon (1959) ditto
Luening, Otto Invention in Twelve Tones (1951) Pioneers of Electronic Music [comp.] CRI
Luening/Ussachevsky Incantation (1953) ditto
Ussachevsky, Vladimir Computer Piece No. 1 (1968) ditto
Ussachevsky, Vladimir Two Sketches for a Computer Piece (1971) ditto
Davidovsky, Mario Synchronisms No. 5 (1969) ditto
Arel, Bulent Stereo Electronic Music No. 2 (1970) ditto
Ferrari, Luc tracks 7,8 Cycle Des Souvenirs 1995-2000 (2002) Blue Chopsticks
Sturm, Bob L. entire album Music from the Ocean (2002) Composerscientistrecordings
Schumacher, Michael J. track 3 Four Stills (2002) Sedimental

Some early experiments with magnetic tape and computer-generated sounds (focusing on those that took place at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center), leading up to more recent work in these realms.