Episode 18

Submitted by Jacob Kayen on Tue, 28 Jun 2016, 9:05am

Episode 18 Chai of The Monkey Cage live from the Palm Restaurant NYC with literal and figurative political voices: BeeWizz mourns BWorrell proscribing the platform plank absent from the D & C ‘n’ TPP embearyassin’ fast trackin backing frackin prayin’ for unconfused Canova sharkin, Brexit via actual investigative journalist Robert Hennelly’s political resistance elucidates physics and contagion from the basement of NYC’s City Hall, Cynthia’s casa seconda Italiana currency destabilization report, Marvin Gaye Hollers, Greek debt austerity, refugee displacement eats diverse and local, Jacob digs his vegan cake, Andy leaves his phone on, 1% Gwendolyn Bradford’s lack of party preference gives little wining grandson Basie’s Harvard Blues with Jimmy Rushing, Cloudy Bay Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc, exceptional American Charles Ortel.com caters intel on the Clinton Foundation’s School for Charity Fraud Scandal, Reverend Marc Time holds his HER nose clip in James White and the Black’s Stained Sheets, David Lynch unleashes principled piney porch canned heat to roast our beets, Kally’s 3rd Class FCC jogging license, Alex’s smothered ribeye, Robert Faggen’s 8th grade oratorical edumacation, 15-year old Earth Keeper Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez activates Bill Maher and the U.N., Hathaway hath no friend like Anna Ziss-Patton a woman foresworn to feeling a Facebook fast foreboding, Curtis Mayfield’s Future Shocks the Aliens for Cruz, Cat’s Claw Kyle fixes ABC’s stylus, Mairetta’s Old and New Supreme Dreams delight in kicking Texas hair, lipstick and ass, goodbye Finlay, coordinated cycles in the corrupt vaginal White House, any given Monday resident Buddhist Gary Horn via Baba Ram Das straight outta media and gun violence takes a look with Eddie Russ at our heads, Rowan & Martin bestow the very first civil Fickle Finger of Fate disobience inside the walls of Congress, John Adams gives us the night off for fireworks and paradin’….

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Monday, June 27, 2016
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