Episode 14

Submitted by Jacob Kayen on Mon, 30 May 2016, 11:55pm

Episode 14 of The Monkey Cage: Memorial (Decoration?) Day Barbecue Live from Riverbank State Park, Harlem NY. Who Won’t Get Who’s Next side two track four new surface noise relevance, illiterate alliterative Scrabblery, The Rev Marc Time predicts two-point Bernie in Mission Critical CA via Lalo Schiffrin, Bee Whiz with Kai Washington ReRuns Home the missing Yusuf paper data family harassment game bursting bubble babble in Chapter 25 of CA primary problematic progressive political pragmatics, Anna Ziss-Patton faces fatigue to rally CA Volunteers for America’s June 8th Revolution, Cynthia speaks directly to her NSA handler, Gary Horn does not necessarily prefer nonreligious non-blissful nonverbal numerical nasal breathing in Brother Chris MacGregor’s 'hood with the Third Zen Patriarch as a method of mass messaging redress, MilLIE Glocken fracks fire on Colorado Hickenlooper’s castaway pants, Dick Cheney’s White House Energy Task Force chemical makeup still secret after all these years, the toxic Garden State angle of Frank’s shriveled stone dangle dump, Superfly Curtis Mayfield, Miss Piggy for President, “La Connerie” stinks up the place at 9:53 (thank you to listener PLS), Susan from New Jersey’s allergic reaction to obsolete antibiotics in advance of the NJ primary, Jimmy Forest, Grant Green, Harold Mabern, Gene Ramey, and Elvin Jones.

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Monday, May 30, 2016
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