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CUSP Summer Enhancement Fellowships

Does this cover summer school?

This fellowship does not cover traditional summer school (i.e. courses to meet CORE/major/graduation requirements); however, some summer programs will be considered if they contain a strong research, fieldwork, or experiential education component. Please see a CUSP Advisor prior to submitting your application if your project falls in this category.


If I get an internship abroad, will my airfare be paid?

All grants are based on availability of funds. Please note that CUSP cannot guarantee that you will receive the full amount that you requested.


What is the average amount awarded?

The average amounts awarded vary.  All grants are considered based on availability of funds.  Please note that CUSP cannot guarantee the amount that you request. 


How do my recommenders submit my reference letters?

Upon completing your online application, you will be provided an electronic link that can be used by recommenders to submit reference letters directly to the CUSP Office.


Can I apply as a senior?

No. Currently this fellowship is only for Scholars in their first, sophomore, and junior summers.



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