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Currently Enrolled Students

I will be studying abroad next year/semester. How does this affect my financial aid?

If you are participating in a study abroad program you will be charged regular tuition as if you were enrolled at Columbia.  Your financial aid budget will be adjusted to reflect your costs while abroad.  If your financial aid credits exceed the tuition charged then you will be issued a refund to help cover any costs incurred while abroad (e.g., room, board, books, personal expenses, travel).

How will my aid change if I become a Resident Advisor (RA)?

As an RA, you will not be charged for your housing and as a result your Student Account Statement will not contain room charges.  Your financial aid is adjusted to reflect your lower charges, as you will have a “Resident Advisor Stipend” as part of your financial aid package.  The stipend will reduce the self-help portion of your financial aid package.  If the amount of your stipend and any outside scholarships you receive exceed the self-help portion of your package then any remaining funds will be used to reduce your Columbia grant.

May I appeal my financial aid package?

  1. YES, if your family’s financial circumstances changed after you submitted your financial aid application.
  2. YES, if you have complicated circumstances, and you would like us to take a second look at how we interpreted your family’s financial situation.

All appeals should be submitted in writing and you may do so at any time during the year. If you would like to discuss your award, please call the Office of Financial Aid and Educational Financing to speak with one of our financial aid advisors: 212-854-3711.

When will I receive my financial aid award letter?

Financial aid award letters for continuing students are mailed the end of June.

How do I obtain an IDOC cover sheet?

All continuing students are expected to submit their renewal application materials through the College Board’s IDOC service.  We will mail instructions regarding the IDOC process to your home address by mid-March.  If you do not receive your IDOC instructions by this time, you can print the form from the IDOC Web site.  You will need your (student) social security number and date of birth in order to access the IDOC cover sheet.

How and when should I submit the renewal application for financial aid?

The deadline to submit the renewal application for financial aid is early May.  We will contact you in early March with instructions on how to complete the renewal application process.

What is your policy towards renewing my financial aid?

For each year of attendance at Columbia, you will need to submit a new financial aid application which will be evaluated using the same methods and criteria that were used when you were admitted.  Since the cost of attendance increases each year, for the typical family the financial aid package will increase in order to keep up with the cost increase.  However, if your family circumstances have changed (e.g., changes in income, number of people in the household, the number of children who are full-time undergraduate students), then your financial aid award will be adjusted to take


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