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Scholars Program

Friends of CUSP

From its inception, the Columbia Undergraduate Scholars Program has been indebted to a number of friends from different walks of life who have been instrumental in sharing their creative vision and

CUSP Experiential Education Program

The CUSP Experiential Education Program (CEEP) is a series of research assistantship and civic engagement projects that Scholars are encouraged to take advantage of through different structures

CEEP Internships

CEEP Internships bring together undergraduate Scholars to support the needs of local not-for-profit community groups.

CEEP Research Assistantships

CEEP Research offer Scholars the opportunity to work closely with leaders in both academia and the professional world on the mentor’s specific research project.  This research relationship

Kluge Fellows Summer Research Program

Each year, Kluge Fellows Summer Research Grants are awarded to allow eligible students the opportunity to collaborate with a member of the faculty on a research project during the summer.

Scholar Profiles

Wangari Mungai

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya


The Scholars Publications Committee (SPC) writes, edits, and publishes the Scholar Journal: Logoi kai Ergaa year-long process of collecting Scholar articles on events, achie


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