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Preprofessional Advising

Choosing Schools

The first criterion is purely geographic: a majority of medical, dental and veterinary schools are state-supported and accept very few out-of-state applicants.

The Application Essay: Personal Statement

The "personal statement" is very open: there are no set rules for its content.

How to Prepare


Law schools are primarily interested in an applicant's academic preparation and performance.

Early Assurance Programs

A few medical schools operate early assurance programs which allow students to apply to medical school sometime in the sophomore year.


Notification Date

There is no single notification date for law school acceptance. Early decision and early access candidates will hear before the end of the year.


Year Prior to Application

Fall Semester

  • Meet with a class dean or a staff member in the Office of Pre-professional Advising to discuss plans to attend law school.

Early Decision

Some medical schools, but by no means all of them, have early decision programs. Students should check the Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) database or individual school web sites for more information about which schools offer ED programs.

In order to be considered for early decision at an MD program, students must submit and complete their applications by August 1st. The schools will notify ED applicants of acceptances by October 1st. 


Year Prior to Application

Spring Semester

  • If planning to take the LSAT in June, begin preparing early in the semester. Practice! Practice! Practice!


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