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5. Can I bring someone else to the hearing with me (for example, an attorney)?

No. As the Dean’s Discipline hearing process is not a legal or adversarial process, neither attorneys nor other advocates are permitted in the hearing. However, there are a variety of University resources available to assist students with questions or concerns about the hearing or the Dean’s Discipline process in general.


4. Who will be at the hearing?

Two hearing officers from the Dean of Student Affairs staff and the accused student will be present for the hearing.  The student's Advising Dean may also be present in cases of Academic Disho


2. Can I postpone my hearing?

Yes. A student may postpone the hearing if there is an academic conflict (for example, a class, a midterm or a final examination).  Please contact the OJA staff for assistance.


Student Conduct and Community Standards

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards assists the Columbia community with the maintenance of a safe, honest, and responsible campus environment.

Copyright Policies, Files Sharing & Legal Entertainment Online

Columbia University Expectations

Students, Faculty, and Staff are expected to abide by both Copyright Laws and University Policies.


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