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13.What if I disagree with the contents of my file?

• If a student has a disagreement with the incident report itself, he/she may inform the hearing officers during the hearing.

• If a student has a disagreement with the notes taken during the hearing, he/she may speak with the OJA staff. If the OJA hearing officer chooses not to change the notes, students are permitted to make a written addendum and have this information added to the file.


12.What is a file/record?

A file/record contains information related to the incident. Minimally, the contents will include the incident report, correspondence with/from the OJA, hearing notes, and an outcome letter.


10.Who will know about this (the hearing and/or decision)?

Disciplinary proceedings conducted by the university are subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA, also called the “Buckley A


9. What will I be asked at the hearing?

The hearing officers will ask a student for his/her account regarding the incident report. They may also ask students to provide thoughts on the incident itself.


5. Can I bring someone else to the hearing with me (for example, an attorney)?

No. As the Dean’s Discipline hearing process is not a legal or adversarial process, neither attorneys nor other advocates are permitted in the hearing. However, there are a variety of University resources available to assist students with questions or concerns about the hearing or the Dean’s Discipline process in general.


4. Who will be at the hearing?

Two hearing officers from the Dean of Student Affairs staff and the accused student will be present for the hearing.  The student's Advising Dean may also be present in cases of Academic Disho



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