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NSOP Coordinator Job Description

Position Description

  • Work under the supervision of the Student Engagment staff and in conjunction with the Center for Student Advising and the Barnard Dean of Studies Office to coordinate all aspects of the orientation program.

  • Serve as a member of the NSOP strategic planning committee.

  • Serve on the Committee, Crew Chief and Orientation Leader Selection Committees.

  • Coordinate the day-to-day work of committee members in producing all programs and publications.

  • Work with the Student Engagement staff in training orientation committee members and organizing and leading committee meetings.

  • Work with Student Engagement staff and deans to plan and present Crew Chief and Orientation Leader Training.

  • Coordinate all Crew Chief and Orientation Leader responsibilities and crew assignments with the committee.

  • Oversee the development of orientation themes and graphics, produce orientation mailings, and coordinate communication with parents, new students, and orientation personnel, under the guidance of the Student Engagement staff.

  • Plan selected major programs, make periodic reports, assist in monitoring the orientation budget, oversee orientation housing, and serve as a liaison to other organizations and offices involved with orientation.

  • Coordinate winter orientation with the assistance of Student Engagement staff (responsibilities may vary between schools).

Responsibilities and training of Coordinators begin immediately upon selection and continue part-time in the spring semester, full-time from the Tuesday after Memorial Day through orientation, and part-time for up to four weeks after orientation for follow-up work. During the summer, Coordinators and committee members may not make other daytime commitments or hold other full-time positions.

In addition to the above responsibilities, Coordinators share general Committee responsibilities, including, but not limited to: publications layout and ad solicitation, brainstorming program ideas, planning programs and staffing them during orientation, and assisting with school nights, mailings, and Crew Chief and Orientation Leader selection and training.


The NSOP Coordinator should have strong leadership and interpersonal skills, energy, self-direction, institutional pride, and enthusiasm for planning orientation, and welcoming new students to Columbia and Barnard. Applicants should have experience or be familiar with the Orientation Program as well as have a working knowledge of the first-year academic program at Columbia or Barnard campus life. Coordinators should have experience in programming, public speaking, and working with groups. Applicants must be in good academic standing with no outstanding incompletes and should be current juniors or sophomores.

For an application or more information please email Josh Lucas.

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