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Contracts, Fees, and Letters of Intent

Student Affairs no longer offers generic contracts that can be completed for student organization programs, events, or other services.  

Alternatively, Student Affairs offers either a Student Organization Letter of Intent for a Fee, a Non-Fee, or a Stipend Event.

Student organizations that wish to pay a fee to a speaker or performer should see their adviser to tailor a Student Organization Letter of Intent for a Fee or Stipend Event. If a speaker or performer presents you with his or her own version of a contract, bring it to the attention of your Student Affairs adviser.  

Any student organization wishing to bring in a speaker or performer that does not charge a fee or stipend must consult with their student affairs adviser about a Student Organizational Letter of Intent for a Non-Fee or Stipend Event. This document serves to layout the scope of the event and all logistical details and is a benefit to all parties. Again, consult with your adviser if you have any additional questions.  

Consult with your adviser for contracts, honoraria, and letters of intent

Student organizations are not permitted to enter directly into contracts with outside organizations or entertainers. Your Student Affairs adviser and the staff of the Student Affairs Central Business Office (SACBO) are the only persons that can legally sign contracts on behalf of the University.  

Students who enter into contracts on behalf of their student organization are placing themselves at great legal risk. Please consult with your Student Affairs adviser for more information.

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