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Preprofessional Opportunities

New Jersey Dental School - Gateway to Dentistry


Category: Summer
Type: Dental
Location: Newark New Jersey
Deadline: Late January


Maritza Camacho

Maritza Camacho
New Jersey Dental School
Office of Student Affairs, B829
P.O. Box 1709
Newark, NJ 07101-1709

(973) 972-1645


Good academic standing. Currently enrolled in or recent college graduate. Have taken some science courses In-state and out-of-state residents are eligible to apply. Students who have been accepted or applied to any dental school are not eligible to participate in the Gateway to Dentistry Program


You've found it! A truly unique program designed to introduce under graduate students to the wide range of career options associated with the Dental Profession. Rutgers School of Dental Medicine offers all prospective applicants challenging and informative hands on dental experience. This is an intensive internship based at the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine in Newark, New Jersey. Gateway to Dentistry is a 2-week interactive program that affords each participant a birds-eye exposure to the various aspects of the practice of dentistry.


  • Introduction to student life
  • Hands on clinical techniques
  • Introduction to dental specialties
  • Preclinical laboratory procedures
  • Financial aid projections
  • Admissions process & counseling
  • Research opportunities and much more!