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Rutgers University - Summer Health Professions and Education Program


Category: Summer
Type: Dental
Location: Newark New Jersey
Deadline: Early March


- The student must an U.S. citizen or hold a permanent resident visa; - Be a college freshman or sophomore; - Have an overall GPA of 2.5, or equivalent academic credentials and, - Have strong letters of recommendation


The Summer Health Professions and Education Program (SHPEP): This innovative program will cultivate the interprofessional leaders of tomorrow who have the knowledge, skills and attitude to impact the health and healthcare of our communities. The Summer Health Professions Education Program encompasses Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, School of Dental Medicine, School of Nursing and Ernest Mario School Pharmacy that collectively offer programs beginning in 6th grade, fostering diversity in the health professions. Our goal is to prepare SHPEP scholars as future healthcare leaders that can work in interprofessional, collaborative teams to maximize the health and well-being of individuals, communities and populations. By the end of the six weeks, scholars will be able to:

1) respect the unique culture, values, roles/responsibilities, and expertise of other scholars as well as diverse health professionals,

2) embrace the cultural diversity and differences that characterize individuals, populations, and the healthcare team,

3) demonstrate a commitment to advocacy and service as a means of addressing the social determinants of health and recognize the importance of health care policy and community partnerships on population health,

4) apply effective interprofessional team building skills through the use of multimodal experiential learning strategies, such as simulation-based activities, role playing and service learning opportunities.

5) integrate knowledge from the basic and quantitative sciences to build the foundation for critical thinking and academic success in the health professions.

6) all participants will develop and implement a realistic academic plan that encompasses self-care, resilience and reflective skills required of lifelong learners and future leaders.

7) through an interprofessional learning environment students will utilize their knowledge, skills and attitudes to augment and support the contributions of their peers.