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Preprofessional Opportunities

Student Educational Enhancement Program (SEEP), Medical College of Georgia


Category: Summer
Location: Augusta Georgia
Deadline: Early March


Office of Educational Outreach and Partnerships
Student Educational Enrichment Programs
Medical College of Georgia, Suite CB 1801
Augusta, GA 30912-1900

(706) 721-2522


Designed for 2 levels of college students who are interested in the health professions. Students in the intermediate group should have finished their freshman or sophomore year. Those in the advanced group should have finished their junior or senior year and be planning to apply to medical, dental, or graduate school or an allied health program. Applicants must have GA resident or permanent resident status. Students from groups underrepresented in the health professions and socially, educationally, or economically disadvantaged are encouraged to apply.


Student Educational Enhancement Program (SEEP) All students will study a biomedical science course for four hours of credit; attend a learning skills seminar; and take courses in MCAT review, analytical reading, and medical writing. Each student receives a biweekly stipend for living expenses and the program pays tuition and campus housing fees. Upon successful completion of the program, the student will receive an additional stipend. There is no travel allowance.