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My Columbia

As a student at Columbia, you will enjoy a rich academic and cocurricular experience. Within the diverse population of students, you will hear many new perspectives, gain insights to other cultures, and enjoy celebrating unfamiliar traditions.

Once on campus, and even before, there will be many opportunities to find your niche within the community and connect with those who will become, as we so often hear from nostalgic seniors, your family. This begins over the summer at COLUMBIA 101, continues through the New Student Orientation Program (NSOP), and goes on year-round within your residence hall and with the many student clubs and community-building programs offered.

Here is what a few of your classmates will always remember from their time at Columbia:

Chloe Durkin: Alternative Break Program

Jean Lafontant: Health Leads

Madison Alexis Seely: Nonsequitur (a Cappella)

Emma Kim Morimoto Chaves: Orchesis

Robbie Lyman: Live at Lerner

Tawanna Shameka Currence: Orientation

Onella Cooray: "Living at Columbia" Series

Martha Scott Burton: Living Learning Center

Charles Sanky: Wind Ensemble

Jiawen Tang: CSA Peer Advisers