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What is the Visiting and Exchange Student Network (VESN)?

VESN is a network of Columbia College and SEAS students selected to serve as resources to Visiting & Exchange Students while facilitating social, cultural, and intellectual exchange. This program seeks to help students make the most of their time, both at Columbia and in New York City.


Who are the Visiting & Exchange Students?

Visiting and Exchange Students are enrolled through the Columbia College Visiting Student Program and our International and Domestic Exchange partnerships.  These students spend 1-2 semesters at Columbia.  During this time, students face the unique challenge of adapting to a new environment, navigating a new system, and fitting in to an established community.


Who should apply to VESN?

We are looking for outstanding Columbia College and SEAS students who have a genuine interest in connecting with Visiting and Exchange students and in assisting with their adjustment to Columbia. Students should also be active members or leaders of Columbia student organizations, clubs, or communities and in good academic and disciplinary standing with the College. Students who have studied abroad and have an understanding of the visiting student experience are especially encouraged to apply.


What do VESN members do?

Based on their involvement with various fields of study, student groups, and communities, VESN members will be included in a resource database for visiting and exchange students. Students looking to connect with various communities or organizations may reach out to you for assistance in getting involved.  In addition to the database, VESN members may choose to take a more active role by participating in the following programs:

  • The Buddy Program. VESN members are matched with visiting/exchange students to answer questions and provide additional support throughout the semester.
  • Language Exchange Partnerships. VESN members partner with visiting/exchange students to practice and strengthen language skills.
  • Community Meals. Held in a campus dining hall and hosted by VESN members, Community Meals provide opportunities for Columbia and visiting/exchange students to connect over a meal through casual conversation.
  • Programs/Events. VESN members will be invited to attend events throughout the semester. Sponsored by the Center for Student Advising, these events provide opportunities for visiting/exchange students to connect with Columbia students while experiencing programs and events unique to Columbia and New York City.


Why should you join?

As a member of VESN, you’ll enhance your education by engaging with students from around the country and world; expand your social circle and build friendships for life; strengthen leadership, networking and communication skills and enhance your resume; and attend free and discounted events around campus and New York City. 


How do I apply?

Complete an online application here.  


Whom should you contact for more information? 

Dawn Hemphill

Advising Dean

Center for Student Advising

403 Lerner



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