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Communications Submission Form

Submit upcoming events, deadlines and blurbs that you would like to have included in communications to students. All submissions are due at least two weeks prior to when the newsletter will be sent (generally on Monday mornings). You will receive a proof of the newsletter by the Wednesday of the week before to review if your submission is included.

For example: 

Newsletter Send DateContent Submission DeadlineDate for Review of Email
w/o 03/16/2003/17/20 EOD03/18/20 EOD
w/o 03/23/2003/20/20 EOD03/23/20
w/o 03/30/2003/23/20 EOD03/25/20
w/o 04/06/2003/23/20 EOD04/01/20
w/o 04/13/2003/30/2004/08/20
w/o 04/20/2004/06/2004/15/20
w/o 04/27/2004/13/2004/22/20
w/o 05/04/20*04/20/2004/29/20

Please note: Submissions do not guarantee inclusion; proposed events must fit newsletter criteria and allotted space.

*Last newsletter of the Spring 2020 semester. No newsletters after the Last Day of Classes.

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