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Supplemental Funding Request Event Evaluation

Thank you for planning an event during Winter Break 2012-2013. ISPS hopes you found the funding useful to carry out your event and appreciates receiving feedback.

This evaluation must be submitted within 5 business days after the event in order to receive funds approved. After we receive the evaluation and total budget spent, the total spent will be transferred into the appropriate account (i.e.- if you request $200 for the event and spend only $178, $178 will be transferred into your area account).  

Contact Information
Event Information
Please summarize how the event ran, your impressions on the attendees' response (positive, less enthusiastic, etc.) and if you feel you would repeat the event or change anything for next time.
Budget Report
Please include the specific breakdown of budget spent for the following categories. You should be able to use your original detailed proposal: Program Related Expenses (room rental, equipment or AV, vendor services, movie rental, props, games, supplies, etc.); Food Expenses (meals for X number of people, refreshments for X number of people, Catering/Food Vendor expenses, etc.): Publicity/Advertisement Expenses (tickets, flyers, posters, etc.); Other expenses.
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