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Request to join the CC/SEAS Class of 2018 Facebook group

Thank you for your interest in joining the Class of 2018 Facebook group for the incoming students in Columbia College (CC) and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS).

Class of 2018

If you are in the CC or SEAS Class of 2018 and your name in Facebook is different from the name you used to apply, please use this form to submit the additional information we need to approve your request to join the group. You will still need to submit a request to join the group through Facebook, but this will expedite your approval.

Current Students

Upperclass students in the group are limited to members of the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee, admitted to the group in the spring, to provide guidance and advice to the incoming students; NSOP Committee members, who will answer questions about Orientation; and Resident Advisers in first-year residence halls, who may be admitted to the group after their arrival on campus.

Those admitted to the group are asked to refrain from promoting their clubs and activities as students will have the opportunity to learn about all groups during Activities Day.

Students from other Columbia University Schools and Affiliates

We appreciate your interest in joining this group! As we realize there is much crossover in your studies and experience, we will begin admitting students from other Columbia University schools and affiliates once this class reaches their second year at Columbia.

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