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Commuter Access Form

Commuter Access Status will be approved or denied after the first day of class each semester and will only be considered for undergraduate students in CC/SEAS. The Director of Residential Programs will review disciplinary files for students who submit applications. If access is not granted, the Director will notify the student via e-mail. If access is granted, the Director will notify both the student and Columbia Housing via e-mail. Approved students should go to the Hartley Hospitality Desk following e-mail notification for access to be programmed on their student CUIDs.

Access is only granted for the current semester.  A new application must be submitted at the start of each semester.

This information is confidential and for use in case of emergency
If different from daytime emergency phone
Name, address, and phone number for a second emergency contact
By my electronic signature, I acknowledge that Residential Programs will be examining my disciplinary background at Columbia to make a decision regarding swipe access into the undergraduate residence halls.

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