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Distributing bikes to the village health team workers (VHTs)

GlobeMed at Columbia University has fostered a long-term partnership with Gulu Women’s Economic Development and Globalization (GWED-G), a non-governmental organization promoting human rights in Northern Uganda. Since 2008, GlobeMed has raised over $43,000 through on campus campaigns, awareness-raising events, and individual giving programs to support this partnership. These funds directly support several aspects of our project including gender-based violence prevention, HIV/AIDS destigmatization, distribution of safe-birthing kits, and livelihood support for HIV-positive mothers. In collaboration with GWED-G, these projects are designed and revised annually by GlobeMed GROW (Grassroots On-site Work) interns. 

The GROW internship trip allows GlobeMed members to visit Gulu and evaluate the impact of these projects.  Gulu is a war-affected community with gender-equity issues, a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS and poverty, and limited access to health care services. The GlobeMed trip to Uganda will consist of evaluating the needs of the local community by collecting data and media to present to our chapter and funders upon our return. Team members will complete these evaluations by working in an administrative capacity with GWED-G staff, conducting interviews of GWED-G staff and of the beneficiaries of our project, and observing the community health work conducted by GWED-G staff. Ultimately, the ABP team wants to be positive and effective ambassadors of GlobeMed and GWED-G’s shared mission to establish health as a human right and global health equity as a social movement, starting from the grassroots level. 

For a more detailed account of past trips visit the GlobeMed blog

The 2015 GROW trip members are: 

Maya Ramachandram, Columbia College, Trip Leader
Mariko Kanai, Columbia College, Trip Leader
Maya Alper, Barnard College
Rachel Kopiova, Columbia College
Jayati Verma, Columbia College

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