July 2024 On-Air Guide

July On-Air Guide

WKCR's On-Air Guide

The July 2024 Issue

Dear Listeners,

It's undeniable: the New York summer is now in full swing. As Station Manager Ted Schmiedeler so poetically puts it in his note in this issue, summer in New York means a lot of things, and not least among them is an abundance of live music—which isn't lacking in this issue either, with concert reviews by Natalie Najar and McKenna Roberts, a listing of July events around the city, and Sawyer Huckabee's review of a certain universally-acclaimed neon-green album that's staking an ambitious (and not undeserved) claim to being album of the summer. That's not all: after her Sunday Profile of Jeff Parker just yesterday, Tanvi Krishnamurthy brings you a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at his 2022 album Mondays at the Enfield Tennis Academy, in case those five hours weren't enough (and how could they be?). And in our recurring features, we bring you an interview with longtime WKCR programmer (and now alum) Sam Seliger, and—in the summer spirit of all things fun—a visual "Around the Station" that promises to delight and, who knows?, might compel you into one or two re-listens.

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