Scheduled programs

Title DJs Edit link Genre
Late City Edition/Arts and Answers
"Billie Holiday Birthday Broadcast"
A Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Creation of the Bach Aria Group
Across 110th St
Across 110th Street Funk and Soul
Afternoon Classical Classical
Afternoon Classical the 20th century.
Afternoon Classical & Bach Hour
Afternoon Classical/Bach Hour
Afternoon New Music New Music
Ai Murakami: Musician's Show
Allan Holdsworth Memorial Broadcast
Amazing Grace Gospel
Anna Magdalena 12:00-3:00pm
Antonio Carlos Jobim Birthday Broadcast
Aretha Franklin Memorial Broadcast
Art Waves Arts
Arts and Answers Arts
Bach Fest
Bach Fest 12/26
Bach Fest 2014 Classical Department
Bach Fest 2018
Bach Festival
Bach Festival 2011 classical
Bach Festival 2013 Classical
Bach Festival 2016
Bach Festival 2017
Bach Festival 2018
Bach Festival 2018 with Cliff Preiss
Bach Hour The music of Johann Sebastian Bach