The Sounds

Title Artist Genre Datesort icon
Anders Nilsson on Afternoon New Music Anders Nilsson, Ken Filiano, Michael Attias Avant Garde Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Momenta Quartet on Afternoon New Music Momenta Quartet Avant Garde Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Abraham Mennen and Brandon Lopez on Afternoon New Music Abraham Mennen and Brandon Lopez Avant Garde Monday, September 26, 2016
Ches Smith Live Set + Interview Ches Smith Avant Garde Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Rehearsal Excerpt Celia Cruz with Daniel Ponce Latin Monday, November 18, 1985
Commitment Commitment Jazz Friday, April 23, 1982
Karen Borca Quartet Karen Borca Jazz Friday, March 12, 1982
Afro-Cuban Jam Daniel Ponce and others Latin Tuesday, December 29, 1981
Commitment Commitment Jazz Friday, November 6, 1981
Peter Kowald Solo Peter Kowald Avant Garde Friday, October 23, 1981
Latin Jazz Jam Daniel Ponce and others Latin Tuesday, June 23, 1981
Afro-Cuban Jam Daniel Ponce and others Latin Tuesday, June 9, 1981
Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah Jazz Tuesday, May 12, 1981
Rashied Ali -- Arthur Rhames Duet Rashied Ali and Arthur Rhames Jazz Friday, May 1, 1981
Peter Brotzmann Trio Peter Brötzmann Avant Garde Friday, November 28, 1980
Sunny Murray Solo Sunny Murray Jazz Saturday, March 29, 1980
Tito Puente Tito Puente Latin Sunday, March 23, 1980
Commitment Commitment Jazz Friday, February 29, 1980
Charles Brackeen -- Ed Blackwell Duet Charles Brackeen and Ed Blackwell Jazz Saturday, February 16, 1980
David S. Ware Quartet David S. Ware Jazz Saturday, February 2, 1980