The Hip Hop Show playlist for 12/02/2011

Willie Avendano
Artist Title Album Label Link
Quasimoto Rappcats Pt. 3 The Further Adventures of Lord Quas
Knxwledge Ohyewknx Konsistensi
Suff Daddy The Big Hit Dutch Passion
Question Kush
Black Star You Already Knew
Blu ez
Madlib & Freddie Gibbs Deep (Vocal) Thuggin' EP
FreddieJoxcirca86 BuddhaBless (ft. Chuuwee) godSPEEDjahBLESS
Dibia$e Top Notch Swingology 101
Dibia$e Deep Winter Comfort Zone
L'Orange Cafe Society Old Soul
Elaquent On The Rise (ft Es. O-Phrap & E-Yo) Persona
Will Session Cold Steel (ft. Phat Kat & Elzhi) Real Sessions
Uncut Raw Fortune Cookies First Toke
J-88 Get It Together (Madlib Remix) Best Kept Secret
Declaime Illicit Fonk (ft. Prince Po & Illicit Child) Self Study
Dexter Heavy Horns Hi-Hat Club, Vol. 3: The Jazz Files
A.S.A.P. Rocky Palace LiveLoveA$AP
Crakk Nicholson official crakkaroni Crakk Nicholson
V Looper Phocho SOULECTION
Bibio Fire Ant Ambivalence Avenue
Homeboy Sandman Calm Tornado The Good Sun
Common Ressurection Ressurection
Kev Brown Party People Dedication
Owen Vallis Trunk Proximity One: Narrative of a City
BearClaw Robotrimpin Proximity One: Narrative of a City
Teebs Wind Loop Proximity One: Narrative of a City
Binary Star I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings (Intro); I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Masters of the Universe
Nujabes Luv(sic) , Pt. 4 (Ft. Shingo) Single
Eric B. & Rakim Know The Ledge Don't Sweat The Technique
CYNE Arrow of God Evolution Fight
Outkast Spaghetti Junction Stankonia
G-Eazy Waspy Endles Summer
Adrian Champion Tha Countdown Blues Stars and Stripes
Mndsgn AlmostDecent Daypass
J.Hurt It's an Underdog Story
Dil withers Camille
Danny Brown Contra (ft. Elzhi) The Hybrid
Koncept & Tranzformer Look Back More than Meets The Eye
Kaligraph E LastTimeNow
Dexter Hammuroes Beat Fight
The Stuyvesants Yearning (For Your Love) The Finer Things, Vol. 2
Kooley High For The Record (ft. Skyzoo)
ManOnWire No One Cares (Ruff Draft)
The Kid Daytona Ivory Coast Crime Scene (ft. Action Bronson) The Interlude 2: The Prelude
GETEYE Dee War GETEY x Jay-Z: L'album noir
Lapalux Time Spike Jamz Many Faces Out Of Focus
Testiculo Autumn Hi-Hat Club, Vol. 1 MPM Records
Suff Daddy Join The Club Hi-Hat Club, Vol 2: Suff Draft MPM Records
Dexter Swing Is A Must Hi-Hat Club, Vol. 3: The Jazz Files MPM Records
Fid Mella Ha Ha Ha Ha Hi-Hat Club, Vol. 4: Chop Shop MPM Records
FS Green Tycoon Thug Hi-Hat Club, Vol. 5: Eggs and Pancakes MPM Records
Madlib & Freddie Gibbs Thuggin' (Vocal) Thuggin' EP
Ghostface Killah Run (ft. Jadakiss) The Pretty Toney Album
Suff Daddy On&On&On Dutch Passion
Knxwledge Extrkt Klouds
Knxwledge Lawndi Konsistensi
Freddie Joachim Whispers Patiently
Teebs Just The Yellow Bits Collections 01 Brainfeeder
Suff Daddy Highway Patrol 'Gnac 12" MPM Records
J. Rawls Sandsy (ft. J. Sands) The Hip-Hop Affect Nature Sounds
Knxwledge DntKnx UndrTheWeathr
B dotheknxwledge J E S U S Nature Sounds
King Geedorah Fazers Take Me To Your Leader
Fluent Ayahuasca All Natural (Music De Llama, Vol. 1)
Onra Opium Delirium Chinoiseries, Pt. 2
Bugseed Emotional Controller SILLA
Moka Only & Chief Next Step; Crickets Crickets
Boog Brown UPS (DUNC of DTMB Remix)
Doap Nixon Intro (ft. Blacastan) Doap Traffiking
DustyCrates anesthesia (simp); moodycuts (ra-b) OUTORORDER2
Panacea Stumble Home 12 Step Program
Twin Peaks Kaboom
Batsauce Day 174 Beat A Day
Grap Luva Pieces of A Drum Neva Done
Knxwledge Bethesame Gwapes
Knxwledge Takira Flowrs