The Hip Hop Show playlist for 06/08/2012

Thuto Durkac Somo
Artist Title Album Label Link
Waahli Million (Prod. DTCPU)
Shad & Skratch Bastid Give You All I Can
Chief Love castel Tribute to Chick Corea
Children of the Night Kids From Queens [prod. Black Noi$e]; 4:4THREE AM [prod. Thelonious Martin] Queens... Revisited
Himself the Majestic Ola Guajira (Prod. Botaz) Mexicans Can't Rap Vol. 2
EMERALd the Great Doorway in the Sky (Prod. Jamerson Morris) Always on/Slightly Off
Planet Asia Boil Makers Crack Belt Theatre... The Street LP
Kami de Chukwu Laboratory feat. Preston San Save THAT S***
Ka No Downtime Grief Pedigree
Del The Funky Homosapien & Parallel Thought Different Guidelines Attractive Sin
K-LASH Ex 'Peri Peri' Mental IT STARTS NOW
Waajeed Wajeed Beat Tape 2008 Part One
Jae R Vampires Yard Sale (PC)
D'Angelo Left & Right (Freddie Joachim Remix) The Joachim Remixes Vol. 5
Q-Tip For The Nasty feat. Busta Rhymes (Freddie Joachim Remix)
Clams Casino Palace Instrumental Mixtape 2
STRANGENATURE (Geteye & Oteest) Dabrye feat. MF Doom - Air (geteye) MIRRORS
Oddisee Do It All (feat. Diamond District (X.O. + yU + Oddisee)) People Hear What They See
kirvy strawberryskin Twing
Alaclair Ensemble With YesMcCan; Saint-Lawrence AMERICA
Mus Vic & Kaytradamus Reality Cheque Je suis Alaiz.
Kaytradamus Night Night; Hell Nao Kaytra LaBoom
The Celestics Long Distance feat. Toony Tunes Massively Massive
Dead Obies Grosse Patente Feat. jam; Scarfacin' Collation Vol. 1
Maxime Robin Punk Clanite; Here comes the winter feat. Marmalade of Pigeon Hole D.I.Y. swag
SevDee Le Conqueror Soucoupe_volante_001
Jam Fermez pas vos yeux Soucoupe_volante_001
Rami.B SIXFIVE! 2003
Maxime Robin Fair Use; The Air Assault D.I.Y. swag
RAJA THE GRAMMYS; I Am Breaking Remixes
Junclassic and Wunderkind Come On Better Than Fiction
Danny Brown Jeans With Medusas (RAJA remix)
Oddisee Set You Free People Hear What They See
Junclassic and Wunderkind Skit A Nappy Better Than Fiction
Krumb Snatcha Gettin' Closer To God Lesson 1
Brainwash 2000 Break It Down Lesson 1
Hillfiguz Not Enuff Time Lesson 1
L. The Head Toucha Too Complex Lesson 1
L. The Head Toucha Freestyle Lesson 1
Shadez of Brooklyn When It Rains It Pours (Survival Warz!) Lesson 1
Street Smartz Metal Thangz Lesson 1
Grav City To City Lesson 1
Leroi Da Moor Baba Ganoush TAR
MC Elijah Black Gettin' It Futuristic Negro
Chief Button up; 1-1234-1 Tribute to Chick Corea
Thaddeus David Introspective Maven
STRANGENATURE (Geteye & Oteest) Styles P feat Method Man & Redman - I get high (geteye) MIRRORS
0hbliv Invitation to Light
T-Dredz do you like jazz_ Sk8_bored
T-Dredz hangin out with thundercat T-Dredz+
Jeremiah Jae Friends 1111
Jackmove x Lapti Double Trigger
KVZE electrolytes Keep One
ILLXLOVE luvlii Crooklyn's Finest
7even Sun Mike Onassis bka Soopa - Put In In Ya Backpack VA - Refreshment Session
M|O|D Dj Peter M|O|D| III
Dutchboy Wednesday [prod. Plue Starfox]
Elusive & Mr Brady Hollywood The Gift and the Curse
elusive smoke filled room ARRAY
vxlam early misty columbian gold
AshTreJinkins EyeCantHelpit ColdShoulder
SWARVY pinballwizard

All tracks included on the album 'Lesson 1' were compiled by Stretch Armstrong; each track was originally released individually.