Audio by Firing Lion in Sports Archive

Firing Lion 4.29.15 (with Jordan Serena and Kevin Roy)

Features discussion on Columbia Baseball with special guests senior centerfielder Jordan Serena and junior pitcher Kevin Roy, in advance of Saturday's one-game playoff for the Lou Gehrig Division. Hosted by Ryan Young with panelists Dan Radov and Jacqueline Diggs.

Firing Lion 8.20.14

Includes interview with Ivy League Executive Director, Robin Harris; look back in to WKCR archives; brief Columbia update. Hosted by Ryan Young with panelist Kristyn Brundidge.

Firing Lion 5.13.15

A look at recent developments in Columbia Athletics; a recap/discussion of Columbia Baseball's third straight Ivy League Championship; a chat with former Columbia baseball star and one of the hottest hitters in professional baseball, Dario Pizzano; and a look back and goodbye from Ryan Young in his final show as sports head. Hosted by Ryan with panelists Kristyn Brundidge and Max Rettig.

Firing Lion 5.11.11

Discussion on the NBA, NFL lockout, paying college athletes and more on sports head Tom Di Benedetto's final Firing Lion. Hosted by Tom with panel: Gigi Clark, Lucas Shaw, Sam Tydings, Nick Bloom, Ryan Young and Raahi Sheth.

FL 5.21.15

Firing Lion from May 21, 2015. Hosted by Kristyn Brundidge with Panelist Bridgette Tolbert. Topics include the upcoming year in WKCR Sports coverage, Men's Tennis Team Finals, Steph Curry's daughter at the WCF podium, and more.

Firing Lion 9.3.14

On the first show of the 2014-2015 school year, Ryan Young and Evan Clinton discuss the Columbia basketball schedules and preview the NFL.

FL 5.28.15

An abridged Firing Lion from May 28, 2015. Hosted by Kristyn Brundidge with Panelists Ryan Young and Yale Reisman. Topics include Columbia Baseball's upcoming trip to Regionals and the USDOJ's charges brought against FIFA officials.

Firing Lion 9.10.14

Recap of the first weekend of the school year for Columbia Athletics, discussion on the meaning of M. Dianne Murphy stepping down at year's end, clip of an interview with Ivy Pitcher of the Year David Speer and a discussion on the Ray Rice situation. Hosted by Ryan Young with panelists: Dan Radov, Evan Clinton, Adam Jaffe, Charlie Wojcik, Jake Ethé and Max Rettig.

FL 6.3.15

Firing Lion from Wednesday, June 3, 2015. Hosted by Kristyn Brundidge with panelists Dan Radov, Yale Reisman, and Ryan Young. Topics include: Columbia Baseball's historic weekend at the Coral Gables Regionals, FIFA President Sepp Blatter's resignation, and a brief preview of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Firing Lion 9.17.14

2014 Columbia Football Preview Show, including audio from some of the players, an interview with a Fordham broadcaster to preview the Liberty Cup, and discussion on the state of the football program. Brief pro sports talk and debut of our picks segment as well. Hosted by Ryan Young with panelists Dan Radov, Max Rettig, Yale Reisman, Kristyn Brundidge, and Dante Guarneri.

FL 6.10.15

Firing Lion from Wednesday, June 10, 2015. Hosted by Kristyn Brundidge with panelists Yale Reisman, Dante Guarneri, and Ben. Topics include the incoming Men's Basketball freshman class, Columbia Baseball players in the draft, and LOTS of NBA Finals talk.

Firing Lion 9.24.14

Discussion focused on Columbia Football's Liberty Cup loss and Derek Jeter as he ends his career. Hosted by Ryan Young with panelists Kristyn Brundidge, Dante Guarneri, Dan Radov, Evan Clinton, Yale Reisman, Charlie Wojcik, and Nicholai Roman.

FL 6.17.15

Firing Lion from June 17, 2017. Hosted by Kristyn Brundidge with panelists Yale Reisman and Jacki Diggs. The panel discussess the Stanley Cup Final, hockey's mass appeal, and the conclusion of the NBA Finals

Firing Lion 10.1.14

Discussion on Columbia Football and the start of MLB playoffs. Hosted by Ryan Young with panelists Dante Guarneri, Max Rettig, Dan Radov, Kristyn Brundidge, Evan Clinton, and Noah Turett.

FL 6.24.15

Firing Lion from Wednesday, June 24, 2015. Hosted by Kristyn Brundidge with panelists Dante Guarneri and Ben. WKCR Sports discusses the draft before having their own to see who can craft the best, barely-functional team.

Firing Lion 10.8.14

Discussion on Columbia Football's Ivy League Opener, MLB Playoffs, and other pro sports topics. Hosted by Ryan Young with panelists Kristyn Brundidge, Nicholai Roman, Charlie Wojcik, Max Rettig and Dante Guarneri.

FL 7.8.15

Firing Lion from July 8, 2015 Hosted by Kristyn Brundidge, featuring Yale and Ben. The panel discusses the USWNT's Women's World Cup triumph, emoji wars in the NBA, and the upcoming Championship weekend at Wimbledon.

Firing Lion 10.15.14

Discussion focused on Columbia Football and the departure of its starting quarterback. Includes interviews with coach Pete Mangurian and with Daily Pennsylvanian Senior Sports Editor Steven Tydings; a CU Football-focused quiz and some pro sports talk. Hosted by Ryan Young with panelists Kristyn Brundidge, Yale Reisman, Adam Jaffe, Dante Guarneri, and Max Rettig.

FL 7.29.15

July 29, 2015 Firing Lion - Host Kristyn Brundidge and panelists Max Rettig and Ben W. are back from hiatus! The group dicusses the Ivy League Football TV schedule. Then, they discuss the impending MLB trade deadline with Yankees, Tigers, Jays, and Mets talk (including a live trade on the air). Tom Brady's suspension appeal fails and the Arizona Cardinals hire a female linebackers' coach - a first in the NFL.

Firing Lion 10.22.14

Discussion focused on Columbia men's basketball following recent departures, including audio from Kyle Smith on the Ivy League Preseason Conference Call; and on Columbia Football as it heads into Homecoming, including audio from Pete Mangurian. Hosted by Ryan Young with panelists: Kristyn Brundidge, Noah Turett, Yale Reisman, Dante Guarneri, Dan Radov, and Charlie Wojcik.