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The events lineup for Voting Week 2021 is here! Check out all of this year's virtual events.

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Reimagining Democracy: Community Care, Global Solidarity & Politics At and Between the Polls

Across many regions and nations of the world, democracy is often considered the most perfect system of government for its emphasis on self-governance. Yet, it is quite clear that the founding democratic principles of “justice” and “equality,” whether it be in a republic or otherwise, do not extend to every fragment of society. Often the very systems of self-governance and institutions that democracy is meant to uphold and protect leave many individuals and whole communities excluded from the process.  Through seven engaging and interdisciplinary events, this year’s Voting Week theme of Reimagining Democracy: Community Care, Global Solidarity, and Politics at and between the Polls, will explore how democracy is currently and continuously being threatened and how that challenges us all to redefine our own civic engagement both in and outside of voting. 

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Questions or concerns? Get answers with this great guide from Columbia's Office of Government and Community Affairs.

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