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Voting Week

The events lineup for Voting Week 2020 is here! Check out all of this year's virtual events.

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The Future of Civic Engagement

Amid an unprecedented presidential election year shattered by a global pandemic, and in light of the widespread historic protests characterizing recent months, Voting Week 2020 will be about imagining the future of civic engagement. As young people, Columbia students will help to determine that future, and it will involve confronting challenges both new and old — from fighting historic battles over voting rights and racist discrimination against voters of color, to being watchful against new twenty-first-century threats in election administration, to safeguarding and promoting the powerful activist movements led by Black and Indigenous Americans. Voting Week hopes to help cultivate that commitment to civic engagement among all four schools in Columbia's undergraduate community, and to make the topic — and our events — accessible to every student. 

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Questions? Get answers with this great guide from Columbia's Office of Government and Community Affairs.

Learn More About Voting Week

Voting Week would not be possible without Student Engagement, the student organization, Columbia Political Union, and other sponsors around campus. Don't forget to connect with us on connect with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Register to vote! It's fast, easy, and free.

Register to vote, and file for your absentee ballot, right now with Columbia TurboVote. 

Questions or concerns? Get answers with this great guide from Columbia's Office of Government and Community Affairs.

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