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Welcome to campus! No matter what side of the aisle you're on, find your political community here at Columbia with this handy guide by Voting Week.

How do I use this guide?

  1. Figure out which groups you're interested in 
  2. Follow the groups on social media
  3. Sign up for emails from the group
  4. Make sure to stop by their table at Activities Day on Friday, September 9

What is Voting Week? 

We are a week-long speaker series, and year-long effort, to drive civic engagement and register voters across Columbia. Learn more about this student-led effort. 

My political group isn't on here!

Interested in adding your group here? Let us know:

Columbia Political Union

Known on campus as: "Columbia Political Union" or “CPU”

Social media: Facebook, Twitter
Meets: Mondays at 9 PM

President: Katherine Welty ’18 SEAS

The Columbia Political Union is a space for Columbia students of all parties and opinions to come together and discuss politics. We aim to facilitative engaging discussions from multiple points of view and political parties, as well as bringing the Columbia political community together through special events, debates, and community outreach. CPU aims to encourage participation in politics at all levels, from college to community.

CPU is also the lead student group that supports and organizes Voting Week.

Columbia University College Republicans

Known on campus as: "Columbia University College Republicans" or “CUCR”

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Meets: Tuesdays at 8 PM in Hamilton 503

President: Annie Ninivaggi ’17 CC   

Our club’s objectives are based around bringing conservative views together for discussion and promoting conservative policy on campus. We do not wish to isolate fellow conservatives on campus by endorsing a candidate that may or may not align with their views. However, to help ignite some of these much-needed discussions, we will be inviting a diverse group of speakers. We want to question the current status quo of politics as we know it. We are looking to create a safe space for viewpoint diversity with our discussions.  All varieties of conservative thoughts are encouraged to come participate.

Columbia University Democrats

Known on campus as: "Columbia University Democrats" or “CU Dems”

Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email
Meets: Wednesdays at 9 PM

President: Shoshana Lauter ’18 BC

Join CU Dems for some exciting conversation and grassroots organizing around current events and politics on campus and beyond! One of the largest political groups at Columbia and Barnard, this is a place to share, listen, debate, and gather support for liberal causes!

Columbia University Libertarians

Known on campus as: "Columbia University Libertarians" or “CUL”

Social media: Facebook, Instagram
Meets: Wednesdays at 8 PM

President: Meredith Dubree CC '17

Limited government intervention, free markets, and (individual) sovereignty are the three major cornerstones, or ideological pillars, of libertarian thought. Here at CUL, we seek to identify and evaluate these principles in a rapidly changing, modern world, where these large concepts take on more nuanced applications in practice. Members hold a wide range of thought on today’s core issues, and we seek to expand upon these opinions in our weekly meetings. Whether you identify as libertarian or are looking for another alternative this Election season, you are welcome to join and participate!


Roosevelt Institute at Columbia University

Known on campus as: "Roosevelt Institute at Columbia University" or “Roos”

Social media: Facebook, Twitter
Meets: Tuesdays at 9 PM

President: Adem Sengal ’18 CC

From weekly meetings, to policy center initiatives and policy writing, Roosevelt provides plenty of opportunities for members to learn and grow. As a progressive think tank, we are committed to not just analyzing problems but also discussing the viability of policy solutions to the great problems of our time. We host weekly discussions on issues, work on policy center initiatives, organize a lobbying trip to Washington D.C. every other year, and publish a policy journal. Roosevelt at Columbia also provides the perfect balance between a rewarding academic challenge and a fun social atmosphere. Many Roosevelt members can tell you all about the amazing social networks, opportunities, and friends that they have made through Roosevelt. 

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