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This week at CCE

Center for Career Education - This Week at CCE: Dec. 1-5, 2014

In This Issue: December 1-5

  1. CCE Employer News - Interested in artificial intelligence? Read on to learn more about!
  2. Announcements - Learn more how to gain skills and experiences as a first-year on Dec. 5.
  3. Calendar at a Glance - Attend CCE's Summer Internship Programs Info Session on Dec. 3.
  4. LionSHARE Opportunities - Apply for a fellowship with Blueprint Schools Network, an internship with the National Corporate Theatre Fund, and more.

Center for Career Education - This Week at CCE: April 28 - May 2, 2014

Hello Students,

We hope you are enjoying the sunshine! We have career counseling appointments available and jobs and internships in LionSHARE. If you are still looking for an internship or job, want to discuss an offer, or any other career matter, call 212-854-5609 and let's get some work done before finals.

Warmest regards,
Niamh and all at CCE

Center for Career Education - This Week at CCE: April 14-18, 2014

Hello Students,

Are you interested in working at an international school? If yes, meet with heads of the United Nations International School, Bonn International School, Nanjing International School, and the American School of the Hague as well as senior staff of the Council of International Schools at an event on Wednesday hosted by Teachers College. Details are HERE .

Center for Career Education - This Week at CCE: Apr. 7-11, 2014

Hello Students,

International students of GS, we look forward to seeing you at the workshop and networking reception on Wednesday evening at the Alumni Center.

First year students of CC, SEAS, and GS, join us for the Motivated Skills workshop this Friday to identify your skills and how you can use that information to make decisions on majors, classes, and careers.

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