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Second Annual Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium (10/3)

The SEAS Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs and Global Programs, Engineering Student Council, and the Columbia Undergraduate Scholars Program  will be holding the Second Annual Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium on Thursday, October 3rd,  from 5-8 pm in Carleton Lounge.  26  SEAS students will showcase their summer research undertaken at Columbia, and other universities both domestic and international. Light refreshments will be served.

OverSEAS: SEAS-focused Study Abroad Information Session (2/18)

Are you a SEAS student interested in studying abroad? Yes, you can! Hear from advisors and past SEAS study abroad students to learn about available international opportunities and the SEAS study abroad clearance process. Free pizza!

Monday, February 18
8:00 - 9:00 p.m.
825 Mudd 

overSEAS (2/18)

Don’t know whether you can go abroad, let alone how the process works?  Come to OverSEAS, a SEAS-focused study abroad info session to get your questions answered!  Hear from other SEAS students who have successfully studied abroad and learn about various international opportunities available to you as a SEAS student. Get an overview of Columbia’s clearance process for engineers going abroad, and hear students’ experiences and tips about maneuvering the system.  Bring your questions, bring your friends, and most importantly bring your travel bug!

SEAS – Last Day to Drop a Fall 2012 Class is NEXT THURSDAY (11/15)

Thursday, November 15th

…is the Last Day to Drop a Fall 2012 Class for SEAS students!!

Please double and triple check your schedule on SSOL (NOT CourseWorks) to make sure that you are registered for the classes you have been attending. If you see a problem, make an appointment with your Advising Dean ASAP!!

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