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Center for Student Advising

Center for Student Advising renamed in honor of James H. Berick CC’55 and Christine Turk Berick

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Columbia’s Center for Student Advising has been renamed the James H. and Christine Turk Berick Center for Student Advising in recognition of the couple’s dedication to and support for the University.

Reminder: 2015 Center for Student Advising Survey Closes April 30

Thank you to those who have already filled out our annual CSA survey.  Those who haven't, please fill out the CSA survey which was emailed to you on April 8th and again on April 16th. We are very interested in receiving your feedback about your advising experiences at the CSA as we are always striving to improve our services to students.

2015 Center for Student Advising Survey

The 2015 Center for Student Advising survey was emailed to all students on April 8. This is the opportunity to help us enhance your advising experience by providing important feedback. The survey will only take about 7 minutes to fill out and you will be entered into a lottery for these prizes:

CSArts Spring 2015 Exhibit in the Center for Student Advising

Announcing the CSArts Spring 2015 exhibit in the Center for Student Advising, 403 Lerner.  Congratulations to our artists, poets, and composers exhibiting this semester, including; Stephan Adamów (CC ’15), Alex Braslavsky (CC ’17), Queenie Cao (CC’16),  Christopher Chin (CC ’17),  Natalie Gaissser (CC ’18), Ainsley Katz (SEAS ’18), Soyoung Kim (SEAS ’17), Yuanxia Lee (SEAS ’18) Nafiz Mosharraf (CC ’15), Amber Officer-Narvasa (CC ’18), Emily Shyr (CC ’17), Runzhi Wang (SEAS ’15).  Come by the CSA and check it out!                    

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